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It is essential for you to know and understand the different types of dental emergencies that can and may occur. Whether you are an adult or you have a child, you will likely have a scare or two, especially if you or your child plays sports. It is vital to your oral health that you do NOT panic and try to correct the dental emergency on your own, as this may lead to more serious complications.

It is also important for you to understand that some dental emergencies can wait until the next day while others need to be handled immediately. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need immediate dental care, Dr. Sohn welcomes you to visit our Denver office.

Common Types of Dental Emergencies

man-biting-nutThere are many different dental emergencies that can occur and some are more common than others. Just because you do not see the dental emergency on the list of common ones below, does not mean that it is not an emergency.

If you think you have an important dental issue that needs attention, your Denver dentist, Dr. Sohn, wants to hear from you. We will ALWAYS schedule you in for a SAME day appointment when immediate attention is needed.

Some of the most common dental emergencies include:

• Sports related injuries
• Cracked tooth
• Broken or chipped tooth
• Knocked out tooth
• Serious dental decay
• Broken braces
• Bite on the lip, tongue, or cheek

How to Handle the Most Common Dental Emergencies

Below, Dr. Sohn wants you to know how to handle many of the dental emergencies that may occur, so we will cover what to do when any of the above happen.

Sports Related Injuries

If a sports related injury occurs, it is important that you take time to find out what happened to the tooth. If it was knocked out, then you will need to follow the care steps for a knocked-out tooth. In addition, you should follow the directions for a fractured or chipped tooth, if that is the injury.

When it comes to sports, if you or your child plays sports, it is important to receive a fitting for a custom mouth guard, as this guard will protect your teeth as you play.

Cracked, Broken, or Chipped Tooth

If you have a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth, it is important that you do NOT try to wiggle or move the tooth as you may make the situation worse. If you are experiencing any pain, you can take an over the counter pain medication and place a cold pack on the area. You should call our office right away to receive care.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out, you are likely scared and unsure of what to do. The first thing you should do is make sure to recover the tooth. When you do recover the tooth, do not touch the roots, as this can cause them to die.

It is recommended that you place the tooth back into the socket, but if you cannot, you should place the tooth under your tongue or in a glass of milk.

You need to call our office right away to make sure that we can schedule you in for an immediate appointment.

Serious Dental Decay

Dental decay is a serious matter and if you do not have it handled in a timely manner, it can progress and lead to a toothache or other complications. If you do have a toothache, you should take an over the counter medication and place a cold compress on the area until you can come into our office.

When you come in to see your Denver dentist, he will look over the tooth and provide you with treatment recommendations.

Broken Braces

If you or your child has broken braces, it is vital that you do not touch them or pull on them, as this can cause more damage. You need to call our office immediately to have the braces fixed.

Dr. Sohn also wants you to know that if the braces are broken, you need to keep an eye out for sharp edges and be careful.

Bite on the Lip, Tongue, or Cheek

If you bite your lip, tongue, or cheek and the cut is deep, you may need to receive stitches. If this is the case, rinse your mouth out with warm water and then place gauze over top of the cut to stop any bleeding. Once the bleeding subsides, you can take an over the counter pain medication and place a cold compress on the area to alleviate some of the swelling.

Schedule an Appointment with C S Family Dental

There are many different dental emergencies that can arise from a broken jaw to a small cut inside of your mouth. No matter what your injury is, you need to contact C S Family Dental right away to make sure that there are no other complications or dental risks.
If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sohn, contact our office today to schedule a FREE consultation.

Your dental health is important to us and we never want you to suffer with a dental emergency alone. We offer SAME day appointments for dental emergencies. If you have an emergency and it is after hours in our office, we recommend that you head to your local emergency room to receive immediate care.

If you are concerned about your dental health, Dr. Sohn wants to talk to you. We will provide you with a FREE consultation in our office and go over ALL of your treatment options.