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Dental Implant Timelines: An Introduction

Missing teeth can cause you to feel down about yourself and you may be looking for some type of boost in confidence. Dental implants can provide you with this boost that you need. If you have heard of dental implants before, then you probably heard about them from online ads or the television. Many of these ads often promise to provide you with implants the same day or in just a couple of hours. While this does seem like a good idea, it is not always a feasible idea and cannot always be done. Just because the implants can be placed the same day does not guarantee that they will be a success. Below, we will go over the dental implant timelines to show you when the best time is to place implants and go over their success rate.

The Beginning of Time for Dental Implants

Dental implants were introduced in the dental world some few decades ago. They have not been around forever, but when they were first introduced, they took the dental industry by storm. They were one of the best alternatives to dentures. Dental implants were used to help prevent the deterioration of bone in the jaw when the teeth were extracted. Dentures would often place too much pressure on the gums, which caused the jaw bone to melt away in a sense. This especially occurred with the lower jaw. Once the bone disappeared, the dentures did not have the support they needed.

Dental implants were used as tooth replacement and would be fused into the jaw to create a solid foundation. Once the posts were in place, they would stop any bone deterioration from occurring from that point on. Patients who already had bone loss were able to benefit from the procedure and stop any further loss that may have occurred.

Dental implants were designed to be functional and help provide the proper formation within your mouth and jaw.

Dental Implants in Today’s World

The very first dental implants that were created were used to be more functional than anything at the time. As today’s technology has advanced, these implants are used to provide beautiful smiles and boost the confidence of patients who are lacking teeth. One of the biggest considerations that Dr. Song needs to keep in mind is when the implants are placed into the patient’s mouth. This is because no force can be placed on the implants, especially during the healing process. Unnecessary force can cause a shift in the implant post, which can lead to improper healing and bone loss.

Implant Placement Timelines

There are different timelines when dental implants can be placed into the mouth and these timelines should be used as a guide. If the proper timeline is not followed, the implants can fail and improper healing can occur.

1. Immediate Placement of Dental Implants

Immediate placement of any dental implants is risky and can lead to implant failure, especially if the area does not heal properly. Immediate placement occurs when the implants are placed the moment the teeth have been extracted from the patient’s mouth. Gum receding can occur and if it does, may need to be corrected with a grafting procedure.

2. Early Placement of Dental Implants

Early placement of dental implants occurs when the extraction site has had four to eight weeks to heal. While the wounds are often healed, the bone is not fully healed at this time. This timeline will not cause the gums to recede should the implants be placed, but the implants will need to be sealed in place with some type of gum tissue seal.

3.Placement of Dental Implants with Partial Bone Healing

Implants that are placed at the time of partial bone healing are likely to succeed, but failure can happen, as bone loss can still occur. If the area does not heal properly, it can become a problem. This type of placement is done at the two to four-month mark after the teeth have been extracted.

4.Late Placement of Dental Implants Once Healing is Complete

The best time to place dental implants is when the site is completely healed and bone is starting to show and fill the socket. This placement will take place at the four to six-month mark from when the extractions occurred. This placement timeline has the most success and will prevent any type of bone loss from occurring. Failure at this timeline is unlikely.

Success of Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implants, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. For example, not all dental implants will be successful and there is the chance that they will fail. It is important for you to speak with Dr. Song about your options should your dental implants actually failure. Dr. Song has placed many implants here in our Reno office and Dr. Song has had wonderful success with implants.

It does seem like six months is a long time to wait for dental implants, but it is the best timeline for most patients. We do know that some patients need to have implants much sooner than this and immediate implants are available, but they do not always work.
Implants that are placed after the six-month mark have a 95 to 97 percent rate of success. This seems very promising and most patients wait out the time to ensure they can experience the best results. Dental implants will improve the overall look and function of your smile and provide you with the needed boost of self-confidence you are after.

If you would like to discuss your dental implant options, now is the time to call Access Dental Care. Our team is ready to schedule you in for a FREE consultation with Dr. Song in our Reno office. You will be impressed at how simple the process is and how quick it can be done with exceptional success rates. Call our office now to schedule your appointment with us.