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Your hormones can drive your body crazy and depending on what stage you are in; your hormones may create a variety of dental problems for you as well. Dr. Sohn wants you to know that all of these hormone-related dental problems WILL go away and they are not permanent. You can breathe a sigh of relief at this time. While it does help to hear that these symptoms are normal, it does not necessarily mean that you want them to happen, but we can help you prepare for them by letting you know what to expect and at what stages. If you ever have any questions, we invite you to come into our Denver, CO office.


Puberty is a HUGE milestone in your life and it is a transition from a child into a young lady or young woman. As you enter into this hormone-crazy part of your life, you will notice a lot of different things happening. While you may think that the acne is and can be enough, you may experience some dental issues as well. Some of the most common dental issues during puberty are sore gums, bad breath, bleeding gums, and canker sores. You should make sure to brush and floss your teeth twice per day or more, as needed. In addition, you can use an over the counter medication for the canker sores.


menstrualYour menstrual cycle will come and go each month and so will some dental side effects. Fortunately, only a small fraction of women actually experience menstrual cycle related dental issues, so you may be in the clear. Some of the issues that may arise include canker sores, swollen salivary glands, sore gums, and dry mouth. These conditions will subside as your menstrual cycle goes dormant until the next month, but if they do not, you should contact our Denver, CO office immediately.


Pregnancy causes your body to do a lot of whacky things and your dental health is not excluded from this. In fact, many women experience gingivitis during their pregnancy or tumors in their mouth. These tumors are benign and will disappear after pregnancy.

Most symptoms appear during the second and third trimester, but they can start right away in the first trimester too. It is important for you to receive routine dental checkups, even in pregnancy to prevent any of these issues. If you think you need a dental checkup or if you have any of these dental issues, contact Dr. Sohn in our Denver, CO office today.


Menopause is the last major hormonal change you will experience in life and there are some dental issues linked to it. In fact, the most commonly reported one by almost all women is dry mouth. You may even find that your tastes change some and you eat or drink things you never preferred in your earlier years.

While dry mouth does not seem like much of a problem, it can be and it is not something that you want to ignore. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay and tooth decay can lead to a loss of teeth or even gum disease. If you think you may have a cavity or your dry mouth is bothering you, you should contact Dr. Sohn right away.

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While all of these symptoms are normal to experience, you may be alarmed and want some reassurance. Dr. Sohn will do just that for you in our Denver, CO office. Call C.S. Family Dental today to schedule your FREE dental consultation with our dentist.