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If you need to visit the dentist, you are likely unsure whether or not you can and whether it is considered to be safe. Fortunately for you, it is SAFE! In fact, it is completely safe for you to come into CS Family Dental. There is no reason for you to put off any dental work or procedures for fear of coronavirus and we will tell you why.

The team here at CS Family Dental is proud to say that NO ONE in our office has had coronavirus or been exposed to it. Many dental offices closed their doors when the pandemic hit but upon realizing that the virus was here to stay for a long time, reopened their doors. This means that it was possible for a sick patient to come into the office, not knowing they are sick, and expose others to the virus. If you are worried about exposure or contraction, we want you to know that The Lancet, a well-known medical source revealed that there have been no reports of any airborne diseases, including coronavirus, spread in any dental office in the world to date. How awesome is that!

Dentists are well known for taking infection control steps to protect themselves and the health of their patients and staff. Below, you will find some of the steps that CS Family Dental is taking to ensure you have a healthy experience in our office:

  • We have limited how many patients come in at a time
  • We do not allow any unnecessary individuals into the appointment
  • Plexiglass has been installed in areas to limit contact
  • ALL dental staff wear protective equipment such as masks, eyewear, gloves, hair covers, disposable gowns, and face shields
  • We have temperature checks in place
  • If any staff or patient has any COVID-19 symptoms, they are not allowed in the office
  • We practice social distancing and have limited the number of people in the waiting room at a time
  • We meet weekly to discuss COVID-19 and any new developments or research

If you require any type of dental care, you can visit our office without the worry of contracting the virus. We have taken many steps to ensure your health and safety while you are here.

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Aerosol and Splatter from Dental Procedures

There is no dental procedure that is 100 percent free from dental splatter or aerosol. In fact, it is common. Splatter, also known as aerosol, is a fine spray of water. People who catch coronavirus do so because they do not wear the proper equipment such as a face mask or shield. Since the virus is spread through droplets in the eyes or through breathing it in, not wearing protective gear can lead to infection through splatter.

One thing to keep in mind is that dental splatter can be infected if someone has coronavirus but, with the mixture of air and water used in dental procedures, the virus is diluted and therefore, it is highly unlikely anyone will be infected.

Root canals, fillings, and other similar procedures such as cleanings can all result in splatter or an aerosol. If you need to have a procedure done that will produce an aerosol, we will provide you with a FREE COVID-19 test prior to the procedure. This is just an extra step to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

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If you need to have a dental checkup performed or you would like to learn more about our COVID-19 precautions, please reach out to one of the team members at CS Family Dental.