Healthy Mouth Tips

When a baby is born into the world, the mother will make a personal decision to breastfeed or bottle feed her baby. Neither choice is right or wrong and it is a decision that should be honored by everyone. If a mother chooses to breastfeed her baby, there are many benefits that come along with it. In fact, breastfeeding can affect the dental health of the baby and also the mother. Below, we will take a look at how breastfeeding impacts your baby’s dental health.

Watch Out for Medications Prescribed to You

While it is safe to go to the doctor and dentist while you are breastfeeding, you MUST pay attention to any and all medications and medical treatments that you receive. The reason behind this is because your breastmilk is affected by medications. First, the medication can change the taste of your milk and your baby may not want to latch anymore, thus making you find alternative means to ensure baby receives his or her nutrition.

In addition, you will find that your baby receives a dose of the medication, as trace amounts can appear in your breastmilk. There are some medications that are safe and others that are not, so you must be aware and cautious.

Bottle Decay Is Not as Much of a Concern

One of the problems that moms experience with bottle fed babies is that they develop tooth decay quickly and often. The reason behind this is because they drink from a bottle and the mother often allows them to have it overnight too.

The sugars in milk and fruit juices eat away at the baby’s enamel and tooth as he or she sleeps and it leads to serious complications. If you think your baby may have bottle decay, you should contact Dr. Sohn and visit our Denver, CO office right away.

Builds a Better Bite

baby-biteStudies performed have shown that babies who breastfeed for a period of six months or more have a better bite than babies who depend on a bottle. Breastfed babies have a lower chance of developing a cross bite, over bite, under bite, or crooked teeth. This does not mean that your baby will never encounter any of these problems, but his or her chances are lessened by quite a bit.


Dr. Sohn does recommend that you bring your child into our Denver office by the age of 7 to receive their first orthodontic evaluation. At this time, Dr. Sohn will be able to evaluate and determine if your child may need to have an orthodontic procedure performed.

Cavities Can Occur in Breastfed Babies

While your breastfed baby cannot develop bottle decay when solely on the breast, he or she can still develop tooth decay and cavities. The reason behind this is because your milk has sugars in it too and if your baby’s mouth is not cleaned after each feed, tooth decay can occur. If you think that your baby may have a cavity, it is time to visit our Denver, CO office.

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As your baby depends on you for his or her food, you also need to feed yourself the right foods and stay hydrated. Breastfeeding can deplete your nutrients and minerals, which can lead to complications and tooth problems of your own.

If you would like to have your teeth or your baby’s teeth checked for any signs of dental decay, call C.S. Family Dentistry now to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Alex Sohn. We are here to provide you with the best dental care.